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SAP Business One

Have a new experience in managing your company with SAP Business One!

Used by more than 70,000 companies in more than 170 countries, SAP Business One is the most complete ERP on the market, has exclusive functionalities and is a product designed especially for growing companies.

SAP Business One organizes, standardizes, integrates, controls, automates, operationalizes and optimizes all business processes, meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies that need a system that has all the functionalities of a robust tool.

SAP Business One is capable of integrating all areas of the organization in order to ensure a smooth flow of information and operations. It’s a single, affordable solution for managing your entire business – including finance, sales, customer relations, and operations.

Take a decisive step to optimize processes, improve management and results!

Create business rules, connect departments for error-proof operation, avoid rework and inefficient workflows. Get the solutions you need to grow fast with Actionsys!

We have the perfect solutions for your company to move forward in the processes.

Take a decisive step to optimize processes, improve management and results!

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SAP Business One

Elevate your business!

10 benefits that SAP Business One can bring to your company!

The SAP B1 system came to facilitate and optimize the management of resources, data and administrative processes, which are often very bureaucratic. Among the numerous benefits that SAP B1 provides, the main ones are:


Promotes the integration of all sectors, reliable and updated data, in addition to significant savings in financial resources.


It provides a more efficient and productive management in high performance.


It ensures information security and brings practicality to administrative and organizational routines.


It speeds up strategic and assertive decision-making.


It optimizes bureaucratic processes and eliminates unproductive tasks from an organization.


Automates activities.


Performs inventory control, reduces time and costs.


It is effective in controlling deadlines and processes.


Performs the integrated, efficient and productive management of the organization.


Monitors all information in real time.

All this with minimal initial cost and easy payment!

Now that you already know the main benefits of SAP Business One for your company, contact us and let us take care of everything else!

Success Stories

Some of our
Success Stories

    Providing support services to the operation with SAP Business One since 2019. Support for applications with application of updates whenever available.

      Providing support services to the operation with SAP Business One since 2020. In 2021 migrated to the cloud and updated SAP to version 10, which brought several benefits to DOTZ.

        International project to implement SAP Business One in the South Africa branch. Brazil team responsible for standardizing the scope of the project and implementation methodology, aiming at the feasibility of scale and rollout to other branches in other countries, in addition to Brazil.

          Project to implement SAP Business One headquarters and branches, started in Dec/2022. Successful implementation and quality.

          Software as a Service

          Is SAP B1 too expensive and only suitable for giant companies?

          This idea that SAP B1 is very expensive and that it only fits in the pockets of giant companies is a myth!

          SAP Business One is software for growing companies that follows the real needs of your business, for a value that fits in your pocket!

          Find out why +75,000 Customers chose SAP Business One!

          Achieve your business goals with an ERP system that’s right for your company!

          Grow sustainably and stay focused on running your business!

           SAP Business One is an online integrated management system (ERP) that makes it possible, in a simple and agile way, to manage information from all areas of your company through a centralized, transparent and easily accessible system.

          With it, you can define, apply and effectively follow a clear flow of your company’s processes. Preventing your employees from being limited by excessive restrictions that could end up harming the flow of your business.

           SAP Business One is capable of integrating all areas of the organization in order to ensure a smooth flow of information and operations.

          Gain efficiency in your company’s operations, have a complete solution with SAP Business One!

          Complete Solutions For Your Business!

          Get the solutions you need to grow fast!

          Discover the main MODULES of SAP Business One with infinite functionalities!








          Through the integration of all the advantages of the SAP Business One modules, it is possible to optimize the company’s management of all departments, automate routines and streamline processes with the lowest occurrence of errors, performing all tasks in a single solution.

          SAP Business One Solution in Numbers

          + customers
          Including more 2,400 subsidiaries of large companies
          + million
          SAP Business One

          Understand how the SAP Business One system works!

          SAP Business One is a unique and complete solution for Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises and Subsidiaries of Large Corporations. Ideal for managing Industries, Logistics, Transport, Agribusiness, Education, Legal sector, Service Providers, Energy, Utilities and much more!

          We operate in all segments

          Industry, Logistics, Transport, Agribusiness, Education, Legal, Services, Energy, Utilities, Others.


          Having a great business management system brings numerous benefits and makes the company have sustainable growth over time. It is possible to have all the data in an integrated and easy way. Delivering more complete reports in seconds and making decision-making more assertive and uncomplicated.

          Logistics / Transport

          SAP Business One is ideal for your transportation company. Provides economic management with planning for the fleet, lean for an effective administration for the Operation.
          Have a new experience in managing your company with the SAP Business One system.


          With the arrival of SAP Business One, producers have been gaining more professionalism in management, ensuring much smarter management, in addition to managing the property with compliance.


          Improve your academic management with Actionsys! We implement and provide full support so that universities and schools reap the best results from this solution.


          SAP Business One is the best business management software (ERP) solution, covering the legal needs for both law firms and corporate legal departments, enabling complete and integrated management, giving a total view of all areas of the business.


          The SAP Business One system provides more organization, productivity, agility and efficiency, being the best management system for small and medium-sized companies. A business management system, such as SAP Buniness One, can make all the difference to your services!


          SAP Business One for Energy – Management Software for growing companies in the energy sector. For companies in the energy sector, it has essential capabilities such as multi-currency operation, with different invoice models, exchange variation management and contract management, among others.

          Other Segments

          Actionsys implements SAP Business One ERP bringing all the characteristics and
          functionalities that provide intelligent management for every type of business/segment, for managing small and medium-sized companies. Make an appointment!

          No matter the area, we understand all the management challenges of our customers!

          Reduce costs, gain productivity, efficiency and automate your processes!

          Who are we?

          We are an official SAP partner for SAP Business One implementation!

          Actionsys has more than 14 years of experience as a Consultancy for the Implementation of ERP Management Systems, has specialists and know-how in all segments and modules, so we can adapt the system to your business needs.

          We offer an integrated end-to-end portfolio, helping your company on the ideal path to implement new opportunities based on SAP Business One, allowing a fast and risk-free transformation to an intelligent and modern company with cloud solutions. Count on Actionsys and take the first steps with SAP Business One!

          Talk to our experts and save time and money by uniting and automating tasks in a single system.

          Have you ever wondered if your consultancy uses SAP Business One?

          We use SAP Business One!

          We use!! We here at Actionsys believe so much in the potential of SAP Business One that we have been using it for 3 years!! Did you know that?

          Check out the video on the side, the report of our Financial Manager, Aline Oliveira, where she explains her experience with the system!

          Now that you already know that we use SAP B1, how about getting to know more about who you live with in practice?

          Count on Actionsys to simplify your processes and achieve INDEPENDENCE in your business!

          SAP Business One with Actionsys

          Scale your business to the next level with Actionsys!

          Which company nowadays does not use any kind of technology?

          In a connected world, technology makes your company grow even more. To reach this level, it is necessary to have reliable software such as SAP Business One!

          Applying new technologies in all production processes guarantees efficiency in revenue generation, in addition to optimizing time and making the business more competitive.

          Through the SAP Business One system, it is possible to make in-depth diagnoses on the measures necessary to reduce costs and increase productivity.

          Do you want to clarify your doubts and understand whether SAP Business One is the best option for your company?

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