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In addition to taking care of standardization, the sanitation process compares information from public and private sources with its database to determine which references should be used.

The tool also generates indicators of the level of quality of registration updates.

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SINTEGRA, Simples Nacional, FGTS, Federal Revenue Service, E-Social, IBAMA, ANP, ANTT



Verifies data such as address and general information.



All information filled in is taken to the ERP

Registration Consultation

Easily and quickly obtain all the registration information and check the legal situation before registering your company’s business partners again.




The query service automates the validation of registrations for small, medium and large volumes, on public and private bases, in an economical and agile way.

The Service is available in the SaaS model with expertise from more than 60 public sources.

Registration Monitoring

Data from legal consultation sources are volatile and require daily updates. Has information changed without prior notice? Don’t worry, we monitor all changes and notify you automatically!

The cadastral intelligence transforms your company’s registration operation into a proactive process, minimizing possible tax problems and ensuring constant updates of registration information.


Data base





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