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Project Office – PMO

Promote the adoption of best practices, through the methodology, to obtain business benefits in an agile and assertive way.

In a competitive and dynamic global environment, companies need much more agility and organization. In view of this, companies seek formalization and improvement in the conduct of their projects. In this context, the PMO’s – Project Management Office, or project office, appear as a structure of great importance.

The project office is a structure responsible for managing an organization’s projects in an integrated way, in addition to the management itself, this structure is also responsible for providing products and services to managed projects.

Why rely on a PMO – Project Office?

Knowing the challenges that companies face in carrying out their projects, we created a complete and integrated PMO solution, combining specialized services and systems that will manage all your projects in a very efficient way.

Your company will have a complete, permanent or temporary management structure, which may increase or decrease, depending on the volume of your projects.

Standardization of processes

Centralized view of projects

Prioritization of projects according to the organization’s objectives

Efficient control of project costs

Ensuring deadlines are met

Better planning and use of resources

Team development

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Action’s Project Management DNA

According to your needs and culture, we will apply the management methodology that best suits you. We have certifications in the main project management methodologies.

Traditional Management
Agile Management

Take a decisive step to optimize processes, improve management and results!

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Take a decisive step to optimize processes, improve management and results!

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