It is possible to carry out a contract assertively!

Our Hunting team, specialized in IT, has business knowledge, allowing us to work in PARTNERSHIP with our Clients, which guarantees QUALITY and ASSERTIVENESS in deliveries.

We have a strong relationship network with professionals from the most diverse technologies, providing the elaboration of MAPPING AND MARKET RESEARCH of any level, region and specialty.

Team with extensive training

Technical and behavioral selection through tests

Hunting guarantee for customer safety

Low turnover rate of professionals

Talent Network

Find out how our search works

Desired profile survey

We design the vacancy profile together with our client, to ensure that the candidate meets the Cultural Fit, technical and behavioral requirements.

Search the talent bank, networking, etc.

We have a digital talent bank, in addition to a wide network of relationships with the most diverse types of IT professionals.

Technical, behavioral tests and skills assessment

Our recruitment and selection process is completely customized, with tests developed for each type of technology and need.

First candidates presented in a few days

We apply agile methodology and digital processes, in all stages of our services, so that you have excellent options in the shortest possible time.

Take a decisive step to optimize processes, improve management and results!

Create business rules, connect departments for error-proof operation, avoid rework and inefficient workflows. Get the solutions you need to grow fast with Actionsys!

We have the perfect solutions for your company to move forward in the processes.

Take a decisive step to optimize processes, improve management and results!

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