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Professional Services

Add value to the customer with profitability and sustain the growth

Add value to the customer with profitability and sustain growth. Companies that provide services and that have professionals in the field, the operation requires a system that allows communication between providers – clients – company, facilitating the integration of information quickly and safely.

Meet customer expectations, generate new revenue streams, deliver digital services, and adopt new revenue-based business models for non-linear growth by integrating data and processes through digital transformation and the management of the entire workforce in the cloud.


Project and managed services business

  • Project Management and Engagement
  • Resource management
  • Managed service contract management
  • Service Process and Operation
  • External services management

Talent Supply Chain

  • Talent management
  • Management of time and presence
  • Central HR and Payroll
  • Planning and analytical workforce ‘s functions

Business Development and Sales:

  • Contextual Marketing, Customer Managemen,
  • Opportunities and proposals;
  • Digital commerce transformation.